AYX CRO canned

For those like me with a residual, low cost basis position in AYX it was disappointing to see that the CEO’s brand new CRO was terminated after a month on the job. Further reason to steer clear until we see the growth return.


Hi Jcro,
Do you have a link to this information? I’ve found nothing on the Alteryx website about this. Dean Darwin was appointed CRO on Jan 4. Suresh Vittal was appointed Chief Product Office on Feb 9.



‘ On February 18, 2021, Dean Darwin resigned as the Chief Revenue Officer (“CRO”) of Alteryx, Inc. (the “Company”). The resignation follows the Company becoming aware of a social media post from Mr. Darwin that was not consistent with the Company’s values. Mr. Darwin’s responsibilities as CRO have been assumed by other members of the Company’s organization.’

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thanks for the link. Another service I subscribe to dropped AYX because of a lack of transparency, that basically followed the CEO from PANW to AYX. I would have expected to find something in the news releases on AYX’s website, unless of course they didn’t want to draw attention it.

According to this website it was about a tweet concerning Chinese people.



Thanks for sharing the link. Disappointing that it happened but sometimes you hire people that you just have to get off the boat. His comment was outragous and left the company with no choice. Alteryx took swift action, a week between tweet and resignation.

Let’s hope they can be equally decisive in their return to growth. Hope is the key word here, confidence is just ebbing away. What a difference a year makes…

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