AYX - Pull Forward Rev Due to Price Increase?


The CFO spoke for just 23min at the JMP Technology Conference yesterday. He received pointed questions regarding the quantity of pull forward business due to the price increase, as well as the competitive threat from Snowflake. Here are my notes:

Do you think you saw a pull forward of business because of the 30% price increase? And how do you know if you did or didn’t?
“We didn’t intentionally broadcast the pricing such that customers were rushing to put their orders in Q4 in advance of the price change. We also didn’t hide it, so its certainly possible that there were some activity at year end in anticipation, but I don’t think it was significant.”

How do you coexist with Snowflake and are you seeing any displacement?
“We coexist more than there is a displacement. One of the dynamics that we typically see in our environments, is for most analytic models on average pulling from 6 distinct data sources, Snowflake would be one of them. So if you happen to have all your data for analytic purposes sitting in Snowflake then you may end up leveraging their analytic capabilities, but that’s not the use case we typically see in our customers. Snowflake is just another location where data sits.
Its incredibly expensive, not specifically to Snowflake, but in general to try to in near real time push all of your data into a common persistence layer. We find customers allow data to live where it naturally lives.
We haven’t seen any displacement that I’m aware of.”