BAND - Earnings

BAND Bandwidth is a competitor of TWLO in CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service)

I think they have less functionality / less easy interface. However they underprice and own their network.

I know people here will see TWLO’s stock performance is much better than BAND as a stock, but BAND, up 78% YTD may be one to watch. At under $2 Billion market cap, maybe TWLO will buy them out to get their network?

Earnings released yesterday.…

Report from someone who listened to the call said it sounds like they were hinting that they signed up SQ and ZEN as customers this quarter.

I have small positions in BAND and TEUM to keep my eye on TWLO’s competitors. There is probably room for several winners in this field.



BAND has been on my watchlist since 2018, but I never bought it.
Congratulations, 2K!