Bank of Canada warning

They have just issued a strange warning of financial stress to the banking system. Anyone know why?,vid:NIUNSd89v-I,st:0


I don’t know whether he was referring to Canada alone or the entire financial system which could include the U.S. Certainly, valuations are stretched in the U.S. also. I also don’t know whether he was talking about tremors in the system or if this was purely a warning about future possible problems.

Currently, financial stress in the U.S. system is currently very low. I look at this every week in the Control Panel since it’s a sensitive indicator of problems and a rare but red-light-flashing indicator of financial crisis.



I found it a bit weird. He just pop up out of nowhere sounding like Peter Schiff, and then vanished without giving any details or reasoning to what he was saying.

I couldn’t find anything else about this warning and wondered if anyone else had anything on it.

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