Banking: Many forced to sell commercial loans at a loss to meet requirements

  • Many regional banks exceed regulatory thresholds for commercial property loan holdings, new data shows
  • These thresholds warrant additional scrutiny that could result in loan sales to manage risk
  • Any loan sales could result in significant losses to these banks

So much for we wont have much of a banking crisis.

Let’s face it the wealthy are not paying enough in taxes. Instead they have been out gambling like ejits. The day has arrived and their losses are going to be bad.


The problem with debt is that it can reach a critical mass where it starts a chain reaction, just like atom bombs, destructive as hell.

Manhattan Project: Science > Nuclear Physics > CRITICAL MASS.

The Captain

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True and that is my point. The tax cuts created the debt. Pointing fingers at the poor is nonsense. The poor are just cheap labor for the rich. The poor are just customers when they get a dime from the government. Most of the poor are retirees. Yes I see the sad irony in many of the poor being retirees and cheap labor. Along with stripping themselves of their future for supply side econ.

The effective tax rate being too low for most of the last four decades has caused massive problems. The irony here is the banks can not be bailed out by law. The commercial property owners wont be bailed out either.

Yet the country is about to get much richer. Just without some folks.

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My favorite story from the early nuclear days:

Scientist Louis Slotin accidentally irradiated himself during a similar incident (called the “Pajarito accident” at the time) using the same “demon core” sphere of plutonium involved in the Daghlian accident. Slotin surrounded the plutonium sphere with two 9-inch diameter hemispherical cups of the neutron-reflecting material beryllium; one above and one below. He was using a screwdriver to keep the cups slightly apart and the assembly thereby subcritical. When the screwdriver accidentally slipped, the cups closed around the plutonium, sending the assembly supercritical. Slotin quickly disassembled the device, thereby likely saving the lives of seven others nearby; Slotin died of radiation poisoning nine days later. The demon core was melted down and the material was reused in other bomb tests in subsequent years.[10]

Criticality accident - Wikipedia

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Jimmy Carter is amazing. He has been lowered down into a melting down reactor core several times. He still has managed quite well to get into his 90s.