Barron's on $TSLA: Tesla Won’t Stop Falling Until Musk Stops Selling. Here’s Where the Stock Is Headed

Musk already owns roughly 9% of Twitter stock and needs about $37.5 billion to pay for the rest. He has about $13 billion in debt coming in to help fund it and has sold a little more than $15 billion in Tesla stock already. Then there is another $7 billion coming from other people. That leaves about $2 billion in additional stock sales.

But wait, there’s more. Future Fund Active ETF co-founder Gary Black estimates another $3 billion will be needed to pay holders of Twitter’s stock-based compensation.

That’s means Musk could need to sell a total of about $5 billion in Tesla stock. Musk can’t sell any stock until Tesla reports third-quarter earnings on Oct. 19. Bear Traps Report author Larry MacDonald believes investors will take advantage of that window and are “front-running” Musk, selling before he can.

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Oh man, I’m playing catch up on charts.

I was busy with other things yesterday and missed these Bearish breakdowns on all three $TSLA charts

$TSLA daily, weekly, and monthly chart looks end of week, 3-7 OCT 22: