Barron's: $STLA is Overlooked Star

Stellantis: The Former Chrysler Is Now an Overlooked Star
By Al RootFollow
June 3, 2022 3:00 am ET

Investors are also concerned about EVs. “Investors continue to believe that Ford’s accelerated F-150 Lightning development and GM’s proposed electric Silverado launch will significantly hurt [Stellantis],” said Morgan Stanley analyst Harald Hendrikse in a recent report. He says those fears are overblown and that Stellantis won’t cede all of its North American truck share to GM and Ford. “We do not think [its] strategy is far behind its peers, as some investors believe.”

Stellantis plans to be all-electric in Europe, and 50% electric in the U.S., by 2030. The goal is to sell roughly five million EVs a year by then.

And the company is planning to build three battery factories to power EVs by 2025. One new location will be in Windsor, Ontario, just across a river from Detroit. Stellantis plans to spend more than 30 billion euros ($32 billion) developing its EVs from 2021 to 2025.