Baseball Superstar Shohei Ohtani agrees to $700 million, 10-yr contract with LA Dodgers



Wow !

$70,000,000 per year, and he’s coming off a throwing arm injury.

Sporting News states that he’ll strictly DH for Dodgers in 2024.
He’s had 2 throwing arm surgeries in his ML career ( not sure about his years in Japan ). But Dodgers got money to burn, they can afford to pay him if/when his body betrays him.

Detroit Tigers are just now getting out from under the massive contract that they signed Miguel Cabrera to about 10 years ago, and he was the same age as Ohtani is now ( or within a couple of years maybe ?? ). Cabrera’s last 5 years or so, he was a liability at the plate and in the field. Ohtani is a much, much better athlete than Cabrera, but father-time is undefeated, he’ll decay as sure as can be. He’s an awesome player, hope he gives LA some great years.

What the Dodgers are betting on is that Ohtani will greatly increase marketing and business opportunities for them in Japan. You saw the same thing happen in Houston during the Ya Ming years for the Houston Rockets. The NBA greatly expanded it’s reach in China with Ya Ming’s popularity.



yeah, that makes sense. I was going from a strictly baseball -on-the- field payoff. They will be huge in Asia, not just Japan, Ohtani is the modern day George Herman Ruth ( TMF would not let me use his nickname, lol ), the Dodgers will open up a bigger market for themselves and MLB in Asia than the Angels could ever do.


So, will management put that money into some talent, or stuff it in their pocket, and keep trading for “prospects” (because they are cheap)?


The Tigers starting lineup needs 3 or 4 more decent hitters. Rumor is that they have 2 young guys who can hit that will make the squad next year. So that should let them use use the money they were paying Cabrera to get 2 proven major league bats. Even with Cabrera on the payroll last year, Tigers were 19th in MLB team salary, so they should easily be able to use the money they were paying Miguel on a couple of players.

Only way to watch the Detroit pro teams ( except for the Lions ) is to subscribe to a system that has Bally Sports Detroit. These teams have been so bad that other than seeing 1 Tiger game in person last year, I haven’t seen any of these teams play in a few years ( can’t remember the last time ). Until i read that they are getting better, I sure won’t be paying to watch a very substandard product. I like all of those teams. The Red Wings had some great years, as did the Pistons. And when the Tigers are good, they own the Michigan sports fans attention all summer and fall. But that sure is not the case nowadays, lol.

( Pistons are counting their losing streak in months, lol. They were 0 for November, and are 0 for December. Now that is bad )

They got rid of Verlander. They got rid of Scherzer. Did they use the money saved by losing those two top drawer pitchers to hire other top drawer talent, or pocket the money?

Ever since Mike Ilitch became too ill to be hands on with the team, the rule has been cheap. Leyland was replaced by Ausmus. Zero managerial experience. Bet he came cheap. Ausmus was followed by Gardenhire, a cancer survivor who was out of work. Bet he came cheap. Gardenhire was replaced by Hinch, tainted by scandal and out of work. Bet he came cheap. Remember how Gardenhire quit before the end of the season, saying words to the effect “why should I keep banging my head against a wall?”

That is pretty much what you have to do to see much baseball at all. One network runs one game, on Saturdays, during the season. Most of the playoffs are not on broadcast TV either. Compare that to the saturation coverage given to football. As the college football season is now winding down, I noticed 8 basketball games on over the air TV yesterday, in addition to several football games.

The local Detroit media is so provincial, you wouldn’t know there were any other teams. When I watched the local news on channel 8 in Grand Rapids, they reported all the scores in MLB every day. Here in Motown, if the Tigers were not in the game, it didn’t exist.

That being said, most of the local sports blather is football, approaching 52 weeks/year. Several years ago, in May, when the Tigers were looking competitive, the sports guy on channel 4 started to speak, and a news anchor, off camera, could be heard saying “this is the third day in a row you have lead with football”. And so it goes. Starting in early spring, the local “sports” is constantly reporting “the Lions had workouts today”…“the Lions had OTAs today”…“the Lions had a mini-camp today”…“this is what the Lions coach said today”…constant football chatter from about March to the start of the season. In early January, channel 4 cut to the sports guy, and he started talking about the Superbowl, which was a month away. I could hear one of the news anchors, off camera say “yeah, start the hype machine”.

It has been a while since the Tigers were good. If, IF they decide to do some work and be competitive again, will the media care, or will they still spend the entire summer blathering about the Lions having another “mini-camp”?


“They got rid of Verlander. They got rid of Scherzer. Did they use the money saved by losing those two top drawer pitchers to hire other top drawer talent, or pocket the money?”

But at that point in time, Tigers had 1 of the highest payrolls in all of MLB. It’s different now. But if they don’t sign a couple of veteran hitters, then I certainly won’t take them serious, and put them back on ignore. The 1 game I travel down to Motown for is more of a social thing, last year there were about 15 of us, from all over Michigan and Ohio, it was pretty fun. I like the game, played it a lot growing up, but it’s pretty slow, lots of time to socialize with friends.

And, as you said, their payroll ranks low now. Their business model seems apparent, run a cheap operation, rather than maintaining a competitive team. We old phartz remember when John Fetzer owned the team. That cheapskate refused to ever pay up for a free agent, or lift a finger to retain anyone, no matter how good they were. I remember when Lance Parrish went out of bounds, and talked publicly about how the Tigers organization would develop good players through their farm system, then “let them slip through their fingers”. No-one wants to play for a schlock operation. Even if the Tigers did try to pay up for a top drawer player, would anyone sign on, knowing that he was probably only being signed on for the publicity, and have no chance to make the World Series, or even the playoffs?

Slow? I saw an analysis of the average US football game some time ago. On average, it takes 3 1/4 hours to play out a 60 minute game clock. And, of the 60 minutes the clock is running, the ball is actually in motion for only 8 minutes. And baseball is “slow”?

The new time limits took effect in MLB last summer, to “speed up the game”. I noticed that, when the games were not broadcast, the games were reported to be finished in 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 hours, about the same as 40 years ago. When a game was broadcast, it still took over 3 hours. My takeaway was the new rules to “speed up the game” were intended to make more room for advertising in the 3 1/4 hour span that TPTB seem to have decided people are willing to sit and watch a single game.