Battery backup not working

My wife’s computer is plugged into this battery backup:

When the power goes out, the computer shuts down and the backup unit screeches a high pitched tone. Any idea why this is? It should keep the computer powered, not shut down.


How long have you had it? Is it only the computer plugged into it? It came with software to monitor it, you can go into it and it will tell you how many watts is plugged into it and if the backup is fully charged. The beeping sound is it really fast or is it a beep with a pause than a beep? The beeping is to let you know power is out and it gets faster as the battery is depleted.



Like other battery backups, UPS’s, it’s really meant to give you time to gracefully close, shut down, until power returns, not keep on going. I use an APC UPS unit, it doesn’t shut the computer down, but does flash a warning, but other peripherals unprotected, do shut down, might be a setting to choose how it acts, might be in the manual… They also are useful as an isolator so any spikes don’t get passed through to you computer… A very large UPS using heavy duty batteries would let you continue to run longer, but the little ones just don’t have the capacity…


It’s probably under-resourced. The max output is 400w. A good sized desktop and monitor can run 500w or more.

This thing is likely better to run a modem or router. If you’re using it for a laptop it would work, but it will still only give you several minutes notice, not keep it powered for some length of time.

The key is that “it’s small”. You want to run more juice, you need “bigger.” (I have no idea if the software alerts you to impending doom, or merely smooths out bumps in the line voltage and gives you a few seconds to close down before the Dark Lord takes all your work.)

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On the Amazon page…

{. Features & details
Standby uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with 400VA / 255W battery backup; ideal for home networks, IoT devices, and home entertainment devices
6 outlets total (NEMA 5-15R), consisting of 3 surge-protected outlets and 3 surge-protected/battery-backup outlets. }

Check if the computer is plugged into one of the “surge protected” only … ie NOT battery back up plugs?



About 4 years. Yes, just one computer. Beeping is very fast and loud. I’ll have to look at the software - I’m not aware of that or how to find it but I’ll look. Thanks.

Yes, I know it’s not for running the computer. But the computer shuts down IMMEDIATELY and the UPS beeps like crazy right away.

Yeah, maybe it’s too small. I have a 600VA one on my computer that works fine.
I have this one:

I guess I need to get one of these for her computer.

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The computer is plugged into the backup outlet.

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Hey RB. Just so everyone knows up front I know absolutely nothing about UPS other than they are used for temporary power during a power loss. I do have a suggestion though. When some electronic devices issue a beep they are telling you something. Listen to the beep. Is it two beeps, is it five beeps, is it two beeps and a pause followed by three beeps? If there is a pattern look in your supporting documentation and see if the trouble shooting area of the docs describes what the beeps mean.

Just a thought. Good luck troubleshooting the problem.




[quote=“RBMunkin, post:6, topic:102432”]
About 4 years.
[/quote]No idea what your “4 years” comment is referring to. But it that is how long you have been using the same battery, there is a good chance the battery is dead or near dead. I have used APC products for years and the system “tests” the battery periodically. I get a warning when the battery needs replacement. These are cheap lead acid batteries and 3 years is a typical life.

You might pull the battery and check its voltage is you have a VOM. These batteries have 2.15 volts per cell. Almost certainly the battery in your UPS will have 3, 6, or 12 cells. If the measured voltage is less than 2.05 volts per cell you should replace the battery.

If this is not the problem, than my money would be on the load exceeds the capacity of your UPS and the system shuts itself don’t to prevent some solid state component from destruction.

From the manual, as linked on the product page.

For clarification. . .
Does the computer shut itself down, as though you told it to shut down?
Or does it turn off, as though you pulled the plug?

I was going to expect it is the former, a controlled shutdown, until I dug into the owner’s manual. A controlled shutdown requires communication between it and the computer. Usually that means a USB cable (though there are other possibilities). Nope, nothing. The web site also says:

Note: Power management software is available for download in the “Product guides and documents” section of this page

Guess what is NOT where they say it is? A download of power management software. Which makes sense if there is now way for the UPS to communicate with such software.

That leaves us (I’m guessing) with the computer turning off as though the plug was pulled. Which points to (a) not able to handle the load at all, or (b) able to handle the load for a while, but it ran out of battery, or (c) it doesn’t work.

As was already suggested, those beeps and lights may tell something about it.