Be carful what you put on your phone



Hah! Try and hack my phone.


Like anywhere, anytime, awareness of the systems, whether 'droid or iPhone is mandatory… Security settings, Sharing, location, are generally controllable, I don’t know anything about the 'droid OS, but do follow closely the Apple iOS and as much as possible, keep up on the current hazards, as possible, and the same with the larger computer world, at least as far as Apple Mac’s, no others exist in our home, or travel laptops after nasty problems years back with the required work PCs… Keeping the software updated is part of the game…

Awareness! A lot less travel the last few years, sadly, but glad we did what we did when we did… Miss your exploits, Jeff!

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Do we need a court order?


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Darn right you do! And you will be bored. I often go months without using the thing. There is no “data” on it to mine either. I don’t think I have ever programmed anything into that autodialer.



Interesting that this comes out as TikTok is under Congressional review. Because 138 million voters use TikTok in the US. That means Congress can not do anything…till now…

Note this is not politics left v right…this is something we need to affect. Note not policy this is a cultural issue an economic issue and a problem to say NO to 138 million Americans.