Bear's Instructure SepQ Review

Instructure (INST) reported their third quarter yesterday. Fighting2016 did a great review here:…

I’m just going to highlight a few things:

Revenue: 42.9M (up 42% YoY), expected was 40.6M
(Subscription and support revenue was up 45%)

EPS: -0.27, expected was -0.31

CFFO: 43.6M (up 101% YoY)

Deferred Revenue: 109.3M

Gross Profit grew 42% while OpEx grew 27%
GAAP loss: 29% of revenue, vs 41% of revenue in YoY quarter

Valuation Metrics
Share price: $34.85
Shares Outstanding: 29.5M
Mkt Cap: 1.03B
PS Ratio: 7.0

They also announced a new corporate product, Bridge Perform, to complement Bridge Learn.

Looking good!

happy INST owner