Beats vs increase Y over Y

Hi Ant,
This is a great resource. One question and really just a point of interest for me. Why do you choose to show earnings versus analysts prediction ( beat or not beat) and revenues as a percent increase year over year? Why not earnings as a percent increase year over year?

I know the market response on earnings day has more to do with the beat or not, but in my opinion, the long term price movement has a lot more to do with year over year or growth…

As I said, its your post and you can certainly do what you want, I am just interested in your thinking as to why you choose what you do?


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Hi Randy - it is just a straight copy across from Seeking Alpha. It’s the easiest thing to do on an auto basis otherwise you have to open parallel pages or files and compare the numbers. Actually the indicated earnings and revenues are YoY actual variance not results vs expectations. The commentary is results vs expectations.