Because it's February

I cannot fathom how this condition can be asymptomatic but it must be true


Still Feb. Another excellent account from Anthony Pearson.

Take home messages…in the genetically predisposed (which is a good many of us in all likelihood), LDL-C does matter, HDL-C isn’t necessarily a saviour, statin phobia can be harmful to your health.

P.S…don’t be like me and dismiss a strong family history because of perceived poor lifestyle choices.


I’ve followed this blog for a few years post Afib. He’s only recently started using substack and I don’t care for the layout but he still posts on his blog. Info is the same but just like TMF…

Here’s a link to the blog which has a whole archive of useful topics (hopefully to remain of academic interest only :wink:)

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Can’t say goodbye to February without wishing my husband’s bionic aortic valve and dacron ascending aorta a Happy (fourth) Birthday…and another reminder that genes can be important.

In spite of having a similar lipid profile to me …marginally lower HDLand LDL-C, slightly higher triglycerides…and a slightly lower Righteous Lifestyle Quotient (less exercise, more candy etc) he has zero atherosclerotic plaque. Zero per his 6 monthly CT follow up and zero per the real Gold Standard…the “autopsy” performed on his old valve, bit of aorta and the coronary arteries dissected during the procedure.

Hard to decide who’s been dealt the dodgiest genetic hand between the two of us. The daughter, unfortunately, seems to have inherited both :confused: