$BEEM gets US patent for wireless charging

Some of you have asked about Beam Global ($BEEM) patents, and here’s a new one from the US for wireless charging.

It does make me wonder whether this is related to what they are pursuing with the acquisition of what is now Beam Europe, as they look to wireless charging by parking under Beam Europe’s streetlights.

For those thinking Beam Global’s solutions are only for governments, CEO Desmond Wheatley does raise this as a commercial feature in the release:

“The EV ARC is already the easiest and fastest deployed EV charging infrastructure solution. With this new patented technology a driver will have the ability to fuel a vehicle by doing no more than parking on the EV ARC. As an EV driver myself, I’m thrilled by the idea of powering my car with sunshine wirelessly and with no effort,” said Desmond Wheatley, CEO of Beam Global. “But the commercial implications of this technology are even more compelling. We believe that increasing numbers of EVs will be equipped with wireless charging receivers and fleet operators and public charging operators will seek efficient methods to deploy the transmitters without having to perform permitted construction and electrical work. The wireless EV ARC will provide that ease and efficiency.”

Apart from the specific news in the release, I really like that they churn out news frequently. It’s really important for a company this size to keep investors engaged. For a company any size, really. It’s part of the success of CrowdStrike and George Kurtz, I think.

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