Being unbanked is a big problem for many Americans

Extremists and deviants don’t need a reason to do something. The guys running around campfires in Montana with AR-15s don’t need logic. People in a cult don’t use reason. Those who think the CIA is watching their every move can’t be expected to be rational.

His world view is “read the Bible.” Which parts? The ones about how to treat your slaves? How to sell your daughters? How you shouldn’t eat bacon?

This is a seriously odd dude, and fits right in with the worst of the “We’re terrible and proud of it” caucus. As Goldwater said “They can’t be reasoned with.” Don’t expect him to think there’s “an advantage.” He doesn’t get that far.


Was that from his speech in the early 80s, warning about the “political preachers” trying to take over the party. so they could demand absolute subservience to their agenda?



We would never know if they keep their accounts offshore (i.e. not using the US banking/financial system). There are some avoidance systems to work and have the money paid to someone else–and it is not considered income to him (and the funds are not considered his as a result).

I think FATCA would apply there, but I guess some countries won’t report the US requirements.
Pretty risky behavior though to have undeclared offshore accounts - the penalties are severe.

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You missed the point. As the money is paid to someone else (rather than to him), it is not his money. It is not his account. So no reporting needed.

It’s really quite simple.

Some people just believe that the law applies to everyone else except themselves.

You know, only the little people pay taxes.

They occur in all walks of life; business, religion, and, of course, politics.

The one thing they all have in common is the incredible damage they leave in their wake.


Well, let’s defund the IRS.

Nothing to see here move along.

The entire thing quite seriously is klutzy behavior. We are seeing that repeatedly.

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Same agenda as the last 40 years. After multiple rounds of tax cuts for the “JCs”, how about the ultimate tax cut? Make it impossible for the IRS to enforce the law, so the “JCs” pay no taxes at all?


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The death of a thousand cuts: They get fee’d for everything.

This may seem odd for a party with only something like 24% of the voters but they win. What happens each time they win to the IRS the lawyers who would take on the rich are reassigned to the phone bank to instruct people on filing their taxes. The IRS budget is then spent on auditing poor people.

The plan, as I understand it, is to pull the several million out of the IRS budget, to fund Israel. That means no accountants to audit anyone. That means no recoveries to the IRS that far exceed what those accountants cost, raising the overall cost to the government of the “budget cut”. And no-one on the phone banks to help folks file their taxes.



There really is no plan. The prez and senate won’t go along with the garbage.

We have November 19 coming up fast. Is that the deadline this time?

This is not going to be pretty. We are in a very factious time.

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Found a thing on the wire this morning, that puts some numbers on that IRS “budget cut”.

CBO estimate is government revenue will be reduced by $90B over the next ten years, and the net deficit will increase by $26.8B, due to the lack of tax law enforcement.

Of course, most of us understand that the beneficiary will mostly be the “JCs”. with an extra $90B in their pocket.

The easily upset should probably not read the article as it names people.


“And no-one on the phone banks to help folks file their taxes”

During the “Covid Years” I had a tax question that I couldn’t find an answer to no matter where I looked. Tried calling the IRS helpline, knew to expect long hold time, but could not get thru at all. Finally said screw it, I’ll just guess my way thru it, and sent return in. Didn’t get flagged or anything, so must have guessed right. But it sure didn’t speak well as to the staffing levels of the IRS Helpline.

This reminds me of the “immigration” issue. Enforce laws that are all ready on the books and go after the people who employ illegal immigrants. Throw the book at them, and the job ops for illegals may very well dry up, slowing down the tide of illegals. But they don’t really want to “solve” the problem if it means the pool of vulnerable, lower wage people dries up.
Same with the budget deficit. They don’t really care about solving the budget deficit, if they did then they would double the staff of the IRS, not defund the IRS.


Yes, that was one of the cutbacks by the previous regime. Remember the cuts at the Post Office at the same time, and how slow mail service got?



I forget the details, but I have seen figures post-IRA about massive reductions in average wait time and such.


How were you able to tell that the mail service got slower?
Using a snail and a stopwatch app?


I know it is fashionable to rip on the Post Office. It was fashionable in the 70s too. But I think they do a pretty good job getting a letter to the far end of the country in three days, for what they charge. I send the vast majority of the stuff I sell on Ebay via the Post Office. Their prices and delivery speed are certainly competitive with UPS and FedEx Ground, and, unlike the for profit services, I don’t get whanged with a “remote delivery surcharge”, when my customer is off the beaten path, because the Post Office goes everywhere, every day.



Hi @PickPro2024 you appear to be new here. We don’t discuss politics here on this particular board. And we never ever discuss partisan politics. We discuss macroeconomics and macro effects. Is there any macro effect you want to discuss about politicians getting wealthy while serving in their elected offices? That’s a phenomenon that has happened throughout history, and sometimes has macro effects, and most of the time does not.



Pleez notice your post got ZERO (“0”) recs, and MarkR’s stepping in to politely speak for most of METAR across the full spectrum of political prejudice, got, as of when I am posting, 8 recs. Please ponder and absorb before wasting your keystrokes on a similarly strident politcal post.

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