ID theft BoA v many others

Write your state’s GA. Write your reps on state and federal level.

Bank of American among other major banks with trillions in assets allows people with your SS and birthday to open an account online. If you are in the bank in person you need your license to validate your information. Again not online for BoA.

You know this? Okay.

Turns out your crypto electronic wallet does not allow that. You need a license to open a digital wallet.

You need a license to verify a FB, IG, IN, or X account. You have to take a clear shot of your license and validate your ID information.

You following me?

What I am saying is there is a way to get a bank account or a credit card online without a bank asking scammers opening an account for verification of who you are.

In other words there would be no scams if the financial institutions stopped allowing it.

Or if the states and/or federal government required by law verification for online accounts to be opened.

Yes my information was taken and used. BoA will never again online allow anyone to do that to me with my information. That is their policy. If it happens once they insist that I or anyone with my data come down to a physical branch to be verified.

Meanwhile YOU can have your identity stolen online and used at BoA to open accounts. Including a Merrill account. YOU reading this BoA will allow you to be hacked with identity theft.

Is that true? I thought that changed after 9/11 so that you have to actually show up at a branch and present an ID.


People can open an account online without validating the information with a driver’s license.

In the local branch you need the driver’s license.

Much smaller financial institutions do not allow this. But some if not all of the banks and possibly brokerages do. I am less clear on credit cards because they did not try that before I got a statement in the mail and called BoA. (statements Merrill as well)

I’ve opened new accounts at Fidelity and Ally Bank without showing my license.


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Yep the issue is your name, address, and you guessed it SS are accessible to some crooked people somewhere. They can do the same and eventually claim credit in your name.

Yet there are plenty of organizations without trillions in assets who insist online to see a license to verify or validate the name, address, ss etc…Facebook to LinkedIn to all the crypto wallet companies…and more require a license online to verify. With the SM it is new.

We need a quasi government agency to do this. Because if every company or some organizations do this eventually they too will be hacked for the licenses.

The entire process needs to be along the lines of collect the license validate the information for the corporate entity and then delete the record of the license.

I have approached my rep, a friend whose daughter is in congress not in my state, my state rep and my state AG, along with a friend who is head of intelligence for the state of CT homeland security.

We need others to make something of this.

Right now major financials are allowing people to use your identity to open accounts. It is almost entirely how identity theft happens.