Berkshire buying HP?

from the wayback machine, when HP bought Compaq, Carly Fiorina said, “it was like two sides of a zipper coming together.”

an analyst replied, “more like the slow motion head on collision of two garbage trucks.”

Neither is true. The sum of the old HPQ is still doing over $135 B in revenue. The concept is great, you had personal computing devices, printer, enterprise servers, storage, network, and a service business, software business, all bundled in a single company.

One stop stop. But execution is a very challenging. They should have gone private for sometime.

On the lay-off’s the massive off-shore and digitalization means the employees are no longer getting retrained by the companies. Those who retrain gets retained. Others gets laid-off but find jobs elsewhere.

Good business and good stocks are two different things.

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FWIW, most of the people in my company are still working from home. The company issue everyone a HP laptop. You plug it in to your home internet and your home monitor. then you are connected to your company intranet. Even if you come to the office, you bring the laptop. There’s no more office PC.

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