Bert article on Zscaler…

He is long


My “new” company (spinoff), told us they are going to use Zscalar for their VPN. As part of being spun-off to a VC firm, we are starting from the ground up on infrastructure and having the opporunity to pick the best SaaS stuff (if we are smart). Here is what we have

UltiPro (HR, Paychecks, some training) - very good
Concur - travel expenses - pretty good, better than the old crap we had
Empyrean - benefit - fine, don’t really use it much (once a year picking benefits)
Deltek - Timecards - I do not think this was the best out there. Roll-out has been poor. I don’t like it. We had peoplesoft before, I was used to it, but still it seemed simpler. Lots of growing pains when this came out.
iCims - recruiting - I have not used this
Integrify - this appears to be some “intergrity” center where you can keep documents like NDAs and teaming agreements. Looks like there is a “Purchase Requests Coming soon” button. We really need that, hopefully good.

OKTA - the wrapper for all these. Login to Okta and see the buttons for all the above (and more). Click the button and get logged in automatically. Like it very much.

Zscaler - VPN. Hope it as good as Ulti and Okta. I should probably buy some.

Long Okta, Ulti