Bessemer Venture Partners Top Ten Revenue Growth: #4 ZS

#4 Zscaler (ZS)

Revenue Growth: 35.5%

No need for further detail on ZS here. Anyone who stumbles across this woebegone outpost is most probably chock full of knowledge about the company.

Current Data:

Current Price: $175.14 (Intraday)
52 Wk Range: 114.50 - 259.61
Market Cap: $26.2B
YTD Momentum: Negative 21.8%
EV/Forward Revenue: 15.9
Gross Margin: 77.8%

Latest QTRLY Report:

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No need to go further on ZS. The story is simple: the company produced a Beat and Raise report and then sold off. As an investor you either think that ZS is something of a Lock here - or you don’t. I do and have invested accordingly. We’ll see.

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