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The boss and I needed a few things from the grocery store this morning and while we were shopping she decided to pick up some Corona. During lunch she decided to have one of the Coronas and I had a glass of wine. Anyway she’s looking at the bottle and it had a ‘Best By Date’. I’ve gotta plead ignorance. I’ve been drinking beer for 65 plus years and never knew beer expired. Who’d a thunk?

I’ve got about a half a case of Miller Lite’s that are expired. You think I’m gonna throw them away? Better think again.

Oh, by the way, suggest you don’t grocery shop on Sundays. Nothing but Yuppies.

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Anheuiser Busch products have a “born on” date. I know people who won’t drink it far after that date. Personally if its cold and wet I like it.

In St. Louis you can get Busch products that are so fresh you can still taste the yeast. Many are always in stock everywhere. Here its not uncommon to go to an Irish club that is out of Guiness but does have Bud Light. The menu may list other beers on tap, but if its not a Busch product may be “out of stock.” In St. Louis, Busch is always spoken of with reverence. It’s a major employer and many work there.

And then came the Bud Light boycott. But you can still buy it.

Man, I agree with you 100%. When I was a kid we used to drink Falstaff, Lone Star and Pearl. Then in college I drank Blatz because it came in quart bottles and was cheap. In the service I drank Oly (Olympia) and Ranier Beer. Since then it’s either been Bud or Miller Lite. Mostly Miller.



With a few exceptions, most beer styles are best when fresh. The craft brew movement increased awareness in the U.S., and the mega-brewers, like A-B, got on board.

On a related note, light is also the enemy of beer (it reacts with the hop oils in the brew) and can give beer that “skunky” taste, particularly those bottled in clear and green bottles.

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Keep beer out of sunlight. Brown bottles help.

Cans work even better. I stopped buying beer in bottles quite a few years ago.

The boss prefers small bottles. I prefer cans.

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To each his own. Some think beer tastes better in glass. Aluminum recycles better. Aluminum bottle might be the best you can do.

I got curious. I wouldn’t say it is established science, but can’s seemed to be winning once the human factor was eliminated.

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