Big Tampon…
First “Big Pharma.” Then “Big Oil.” Now…”Big Tampon?”

On Monday, U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan sent a press release headlined, “Following Reports of Tampon Shortage, Senator Hassan Calls on Major Tampon Producers to Increase Supply.” It’s part of her “work to hold corporations accountable for unfair price increases and address shortages.”


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Marjorie Taylor Greene blames trans men for the shortage. Seriously…


I saw a news report tonight that there is a shortage of paper to print paper ballots for the election. Its hard to believe the paper mills have slowed down production. There are shortages of manpower we hear. But one would suspect the problem is in trucking and warehouse space and personnel. So orders take longer to arrive.

I don’t think tampons have the problems that baby formula has with biological contamination (although there was a problem with Rely tampons years ago).

Who are the big suppliers? Proctor & Gamble; Energizer; Johnson & Johnson?

From rags to riches :slight_smile:

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