BILI - Bilibili - youtube/twitch of China

This one is interesting.
IPO yesterday and somewhat under the radar and didn’t immediately go up 100%.

Currently company makes their revenues off in-game purchases, both via games they license from 3rd parties or that they create themselves.


Company is really a social media platform for Gen Z in China, as they can post comments and share videos. So it also have a YouTube type feel along with an interest in the rapidly growing esports craze. You can’t really watch Twitch in China, and from a couple articles it shows Chinese teens and young adults would be more likely to use Bilibili for a Twitch alternative. Twitch, if you didn’t know, was an astute purchase of Amazon a few years back. Just ask NVIDIA if esports is a real thing.

I am uncertain of what the market cap is yet, but I believe it will be approx $3b.
Revenues grew 500%, but since they license 3rd party games, they likely kick a lot of that right back, but still impressive growth and MAU numbers.…

"Bilibili’s primary user base lies in what the company calls “Generation Z,” or Chinese millennials born between 1990 and 2009. In the first two months of 2018, Bilibili reported MAUs (monthly active users) of 78.4 million, a commonly reported metric among Internet companies. For comparison, Twitter (TWTR) counts north of 300 million MAUs, and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) more than 2 billion. Bilibili’s user growth rate, however, is far higher, with growth of 45% in 4Q17.

In terms of relative standing, Bilibili is still rather small. However, its user engagement metrics are especially appealing to potential advertisers (which is another source of revenue for the company), with the average user spending 76 minutes daily on the app (that’s more than 5% of a day!). Bilibili touts itself as #1 in China in terms of monthly average time spent on the app."