Billion dollar default on property?

“All told, Cohen Brothers is now late on at least $966 million in debt.”

But the economy is doing so well isn’t it?


It really is. The commercial RE arena it is not.


So where does that leave the US banks:

Your sources are the worst.

Think of how biased that source is.

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It’s all over the news and has been for some time. I can’t believe that you are unaware of it:

Try Forbes:

Sharp reductions in value for office buildings have many waiting for a major collapse in commercial real estate, which in turn would damage city and state budgets and possibly threaten major bank failures. Thus far, borrowers and lenders have avoided the worst damage. But their delaying tactics may be coming to an end, with potentially dire consequences.

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Do you honestly believe that 200+ banks are on the verge of failure?

Forbes is saying more troubled loans. That is true. But the time schedule is spread out. The banks are absorbing the losses as they come. It is not a crisis. It might never be a crisis because of how spread out the defaults are.

Yes, a few banks may fail. That is not 200 banks.