Bircoin $25 comment

Buffett’s comment about he would not buy all the Bitcoin for $25 because there is no value is just aligned with realities of the world. If USD can be exchanged for goods and services, today Bitcoin can be exchanged for goods and services.

So I don’t understand why he is hating Bitcoin so much. It is ironic he is pedaling sugar and candy on the stand while preaching Bitcoin is evil. For a 98 year old Charles Munger is able to sit, understand what is going on, not fall sleep, and answer so cohesively is great. I mean truly extraordinary, all the while eating so much candy is unfreakingbelievable. That much sugar will put me in sugar coma. So these individuals are gifted with great health. So they may not understand promoting candy/ sugar is “evil” besides their obvious economic interest. Sees sold something like 10~12 tons of candy at AGM. But sugar consumption and diabetics is directly correlated now and while promoting that and calling Bitcoin as evil seems bit of hypocrisy.

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So I don’t understand why he is hating Bitcoin so much.

He’s not hating on Bitcoin. It is just that it is clearly not something he would ever buy as an investment as he doesn’t consider it as one for reasons well articulated many times and laid out in the Berkshire owner’s manual.

Even so, people keep asking Munger and him the same question over and over again because they know it’s a way to generate a cheap headline. Bitcoin has no relevance to Berkshire at all and anyone who wants it can invest in companies like Microstrategy ( who are issung debt to buy bitcoin while masquerading as a software company).

Since Bitcoin attracts such religious fervour and tribal instincts that a section of the public view these fairly innocuous comments as an attack on their identity and the circus keeps rolling along.

I wish like politics, this is one subject he would simply just park and if asked refer people to his previous comments.