No matter how hard I try, this is just beyond me, well at least for the time being. Has anyone here actually traded, sold something using bitcoins? Looking at this video my understanding level is around 6/10. And what I don’t “totally” understand, I can’t invest in, but supposedly, others are cleaning up and this is the future?? Or is it?

This video talks more about how the Bitcoin process is secured, than how one invests. In the simplest of terms, one needs a “wallet” to store “coins”. Acquiring a wallet is the first step in investing in bitcoin. But that in itself requires time as there are many wallet technologies, each with pros/cons. That should be your first step. Understand the wallet type(s) that best serves your need.

With that done, you can acquire bitcoins (via credit/debit card, or bank transfer) through a bitcoin exchange. You can also purchase bitcoins via kiosk and other means. Your bitcoin is stored in your wallet until you choose to use it in a transaction.

Here’s a good place to start understanding more about this process.…

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Thx Roy…