Blood in the streets???

It is not so much that Cathy Wood is getting disrupted as much as she is getting DECIMATED. Her ARKK fund is down 10% today and down 62% YTD.

Bitcoin has gone below $30,000 and bitcoin related stocks are getting decimated as well. MSTR is down 25% today and COIN is down 26%. MSTR is ran by an MIT educated genius and master of the universe that borrowed to buy bitcoin.

Even AMZN and TSLA are having it rough. AMZN closed down 3.2% at $2107 today. Down from its all-time high of 3773 in 2021.

TSLA closed down 8.25% at $734 today. Down from its all-time high of $1243 last year.

Bought some more SWN a natural gas producer. It reported a huge loss for Q12022 due to hedging losses, but its CFO was huge for the quarter. Hedging losses and gains always revert one way other or the other. The preferred way is for commodity prices to remain high and they go off as they mature. The other less preferable way is for commodity prices to decline and the hedging losses decline, sometime creating huge quarterly profits. In my experience it is best to disregard quarterly earnings and focus on the CFOs.