BMB Prediction: Elon Screwed the Pooch

Another pooch update. They way most people use Twitter is the pop in quickly to get updates from people and sources they know, and then move onto something else. That’s good for attracting eyes, but it is not good for keeping eyes.

Musk got cross-threaded with the New York Times, and retaliated by removing their gold, certified badge, which means now anyone can post to Twitter pretending to be the NYT.

That’s bad for the NYT, but the NYT is also the most visited news site in the United States. So it can’t be good for Twitter either.

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That sort of utterly juvenile and spiteful behavior is why advertisers are unlikely to ever go back.


But… but… free speech! LMAO

Threads is not X. Threads is part of or planned to be part of Mastodon. The Fediverse. Because Meta is funding Threads it will be the most stable part of the Fediverse and the largest over time.

Musk has not fixed how ads are run. He can not fix it. X does not function well enough to be fixed up properly for ads. Twitter was only good for Brand recognition.

He is asking Christ to move over on the cross.

Musk is actually very emotional about his conquering things. The 60 Minutes report way back when shows a tearful Musk that was true to form.

But we need to remember he really is taking very few shots on goal and making them count.

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Presumably most here have seen the news, but Musk himself now values Twitter, er X, at $19B, down more than 50% from the original purchase price. The number comes from the employee options now being granted, which indicate current value and strike price.

I’m pretty sure the “clear but difficult path” is non-existent. The vision includes not just peer-to-peer money transfers a la Venmo or PayPal, but (paraphrase) “encompassing a person’s entire financial life including investments, mortgages, consumer loans, credit, etc.” Not to mention messaging, video, telephonic, and more.

The idea that I would let someone as unstable and capricious as Musk anywhere near my financial life is beyond ludicrous.


Sounds a lot like WeChat, so we know it is possible. However, WeChat was created in China where Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. are banned. That gave it a big leg up because it could provide those applications.

But I don’t see the need for a new app to do all those things, because I already have apps that do all those things.

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And I would add that in China, WeChat users likely have more to fear from the Chinese government than from a vindictive WeChat executive.

With all the hacking/impersonating already going on with twitter these days, it seems like a recipe for disaster beyond the fact that it is run by unstable man-child.


Keep in mind that without this unstable man-child, America would currently be having a difficult time launching satellites and Ukraine would be fighting the war without internet. He seems to get a lot done.

My opinion is that if Musk runs Twitter into the ground he will have done a huge service for American democracy. Social media has done far more harm than good. It is to racists, whackos, and conspiracy nuts what crypto is to hucksters and criminals.

Musk behaves like he describes himself, someone on the Autism spectrum. I can live with that.


Welp, here we go:

X employees said on Thursday that they had gotten calls from advertisers wondering why Mr. Musk was making comments seen as antisemitic and why their ads were showing up next to white nationalist and Nazii content, according to internal messages that were viewed by The New York Times.

I didn’t figure Musk himself would be making the Neonazi content, but I guess he’s determined to go out in a blaze of glory.


Apparently Elon has a pattern of posting on social media while tripping his brains out. His handlers aren’t sure this if this is good policy.

Opinion: Probably not good policy.

Link is free to read for now:


As we’ve discussed in other threads, Twitter stopped including headlines in links to other sites. Presumably to discourage people from leaving Twitter. That makes sense, but in my observation, people tend to use Twitter because of the links to other sites. You go to Twitter and see what people you follow are thinking and reading about a specific topic. That’s the value of Twitter. I believe anyway.

It turns out headlines have quietly returned. So Twitter’s value does seem to be more as an aggregator than destination.


That leaves us with the morality of the bible. Those you just described beat us to that as well. Meanwhile, I am not in a race to declare my morality. I do not buy into those who do.

Some BMB news…X, the platform that most people call Twitter, has restored the blue verified user checkmark for most previously verified users.

Apparently the former owners weren’t quite as dumb as they appeared.