BMW forms partnership with Figure for humanoid robots

Here it comes.


Oh man, I’m not ready for this thread again.

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LOL cmon syke BMW who doesn’t love BMW?


I do! I used to have a 320i. Great car, I loved it. Super smooth, I knew exactly where the perfect shift points were.

We only have about a dozen topics on METAR and we just recycle them. So fair game because people are willing to talk about this. But the last version of humanoid robot was just soul crushing. I can’t do this one again so soon.

We’re probably due for a thread about the nutty Germans shutting down their nuclear power plants, then we can maybe get back to Telsa, and then we can get back to the superiority of humanoid robots. Maybe sprinkle some Ukraine war stuff in there somewhere, along with lighter bits about the collapse of the US dollar.


I had a Bavaria. Practically sent me to the poorhouse trying to keep it running. Of course I was making poverty wages at the time, so the fault was mine. I should have waited until I was making real money so I could go broke in style.


When ever I was at the parts store, the parts guy would get a part, tell me the price and then add “Just be glad you don’t have a Mercedes.”

Thanks bud.