BOFI: Great Discussion on Low CEO Ratings

There is a great discussion going on at the Rule Breakers BOFI board about the CEO’s low rating on (40%). If you have access to RB check it out here:…

In summary this does concern me as a BOFI investor and it is something we should all keep an eye on.



INBK has a glassdoor ranking of 3.3, based on only 3 reviews (BOFI HAS …)

There are two positive reviews, and a third that was negative, that INBK responded within a week.

INBK was rated top bank to work for by American Banker in 2013 and 2014,

For comparison, BOFI has 49 reviews, an overall ranking of 2.7, and a few recurring themes in the negative feedback (firing before right before stock bonuses would be paid)…


From my own personal experience, I think C level management, especially the CEO is critically important to the functioning of the enterprise. I am very disturbed with the following Glassdoor reviews:

Disrepectful to employees - Harassment and intimidation is their management style - Bullying culture and sometimes threatening (CEO is very good at this)

Below market salaries; stock in bonuses subject to claw back by company (they can and have fired people right before vesting); If you’re not C-Level, you are a commodity

And this next two just kind of makes my skin crawl:

BofI is a place to go when you your other option is homelessness. The management is frightfully inadequate and the CEO sends inappropriate and demeaning, company wide emails at all hours of the night.

Below market pay, mediocre benefits, limited vacation time, poor leadership, no training, bizarre ranting emails sent from the CEO (including religious and political topics), no HR, a very abusive Chief of Staff, tons of turnover, environment where incompetent suck ups come out on top

I’ve been long BOFI for quite a while now and as an investment it has performed pretty well.

Saul seems to be quite high on this company, I wonder if he has any observations or concerns about these Glassdoor reviews. I know that I am seriously considering bailing out on this investment despite its performance. There are a lot of good investment opportunities, do I really want to be invested in a company with such a creepy guy at the helm?

Though raised as a Catholic, my heritage is Jewish (it’s a long story). I assume Saul has the same heritage, though I’ve nothing to go on other than his name. I’m just imagining myself working for a company where the CEO sends out Evangelical rants at all hours (I admit, I am making an assumption here, but actually it would make no difference if the subject religion were Judaism, Mormon, Scientology, Islam, Buddhism or whatever). I don’t care if that’s the CEO’s personal choice, but I do care if he, acting as CEO thinks it’s appropriate to send emails of this nature to all his employees. That’s a bad way to run a company in my opinion.