BREXIT delays at UK borders

Lengthy delays for passengers travelling to and from the UK have been exacerbated by confusion over the documents EU citizens living in the UK need in order to return, according to the citizens’ rights agency set up under the Brexit deal.

A post-Brexit blame game between UK and French government officials has erupted this week after holiday-makers trying to leave and return to the UK faced lengthy delays at the border checkpoints in the first week since UK schools broke up for the summer holidays.

An average wait of five to six hours has been reported at the port checkpoints at Dover and Folkestone, a combination of a return to the high volumes of tourism seen before the COVID-19 pandemic, and the introduction of new checks at the UK and French border control.

Mark Simmonds, director of policy at the British Ports Association has said Brexit is responsible for the delays. “There’s a harder border than there was before,” Simmonds says. “We’ve been saying for years that extra checks would have an impact on capacity at certain ports.”…

If traveling to UK, you may be in long and lengthy queues.


If traveling to the UK, you maybe in long and lengthy queues

That’s if traveling from the EU and via Dover and Folkestone.

If traveling from the US and entering England via Heathrow…and on a US passport…you’ll be amazed at the smooth, speedy throughput from landing, through passport control and even baggage claim. A sharp contrast to the experience back at DIA.