BRK bought German securities?

Gregg Warren, Morningstar analyst, commenting on Q1 states:

Management also noted during the annual meeting that Berkshire had increased its stake in Apple, as well as the five Japanese trading houses, and had bought shares of several different German securities in the March quarter.

I don’t recall Buffett mentioning buying German securities in Q1. He did respond to a German shareholder who asked about Buffett buying companies outside US, Buffett responded that they have tried in the past, but they are not that well known outside US and don’t get calls for business owners who want to sell.

Dis anyone else hear Buffett speaking about buying German securities?…

Dis anyone else hear Buffett speaking about buying German securities?

Yes, Warren mentioned that he purchased “three German securities” during the “burst of activity” - I don’t know if my notes are correct but I have that he spent around $5 Billion, but that could include the “topping up” to 5.85% each of the 5 Japanese trading companies.

I had also found a previously undisclosed purchase in an NAIC filing last year, that showed Berkshire buying $646 million of Airbus shares in France on 7/30/2021. I think Berkshire’s European reinsurers hold quite a few undisclosed foreign stock positions.