Business security test CRWD

In case anyone missed this on the MF Crowdstrike board. Looks like several competitors scored better,with Bitdefender getting the highest score. Sentinel One is not mentioned. Interested in comments on those more versed in cyber security.


Don’t fall into the trap of comparing apples with oranges.

From the Management summary:

“At the larger end of the market, Cisco, CrowdStrike, Elastic, Fortinet and FireEye all offer exceptionally powerful tools. How well they will fit to your organization, both how it is today and how you intend to grow it over the next five years, needs to be carefully planned. There is clearly a role here for external expertise and consultancy, both in the planning and deployment stages, and all of them will require significant amounts of training and ongoing support. However, they offer a level of capability that is entirely different to the smaller packages.”

I use Avast for my own laptop and it does a good job.

If I were an enterprise customer then Avast would be next to useless to protect my entire company from being hacked.

Cheers, PB.