CA: Salty Water Creeps Into Fresh Waterways

Bloomberg headline: In Dry California, Salty Water Creeps Into Key Waterways

Rio Vista, Calif. (AP) – Charlie Hamilton hasn’t irrigated his vineyards with water from the Sacramento River since early May, even though it flows just yards from his crop.

Nearby to the south, the industrial Bay Area city of Antioch has supplied its people with water from the San Joaquin River for just 32 days this year, compared to roughly 128 days by this time in a wet year.

They may be close by, but these two rivers, central arms of California’s water system, have become too salty to use in some places as the state’s punishing drought drags on.

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NJ is a penninsula surrounded by saltwater on three sides. (Tides carry salt water in the Delaware River as far as the falls north of Philadelphia.)

Over pumping from wells in south jersey allows salt water to infiltrate. To avoid this, Atlantic City treats its waste water and now injects it under ground to replenish the aquafers.

Coastal communities in California probably have similar concerns.

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