California driverless trucks

It seems the Teamsters union is not a fan of driverless trucks.

A bill to require driverless trucks to have a driver in the vehicle was reintroduced in the Assembly on Thursday, less than 5 months after Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed the almost identical AB 316…

Since then, the backlash against autonomous vehicles in California has only grown. A number of high profile incidents of robotaxis getting into accidents and injuring people in San Francisco led to Cruise suspending operations in the state, with Californian agencies suing many robotaxi companies as well over incidents.

As of February, the future of robotaxis in other Californian markets such as Los Angeles is currently in doubt, with Waymo, the only robotaxi company left operating in San Francisco, being scrutinized over an accident of their own recently. AV backlash in Sacramento has also been strong, with many bills coming up this session already over the industry.

With more accidents and incidents involving AV’s popping up since the veto, Assemblywoman Aguiar-Curry and the Teamsters brought back the AV trucking bill this week…