Can you get a property tax break?…

**The Local Tax Break Many Retirees Don’t Know About — but Should**
**In this month’s Ask Encore: Many local governments offer tax relief for seniors and others. The problem is that many taxpayers aren’t aware of it.**
**By Glenn Ruffenach, The Wall Street Journal, Aug. 4, 2022**

**“There are hundreds of tax-relief programs in the U.S. for seniors, veterans, low-income families and others...”**

**Some of these certainly were new to me: a basic homestead exemption (for individuals, regardless of age or income, who own and reside in a home in the county); a “property assessment freeze” (to help offset future increases in assessed property values); exemptions for spouses of “peace officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty”; for disabled veterans (as well as their widows/widowers); for some individuals who are permanently disabled; and for residents when they reach specific ages: 62, 65 and 70. These age-related exemptions provide tax breaks above and beyond the homestead exemption. In some cases, the amount of property-tax relief is linked to, and/or limited by, applicants’ earnings. ...**

**So… where to find these exemptions? As I did, you can start online with your county tax office or tax assessor. The Lincoln Institute has a property-tax database—“Residential Property Tax Relief Programs”—that allows you to browse programs across the country. And AARP, the Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group for older adults, offers a service called Property Tax-Aide, in which volunteers help individuals apply for property-tax relief. This free program is available in 13 states and the District of Columbia, and there are plans to expand....** </b? [end quote]

I think this is worth checking into.

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To read the article I have to subscribe to The Wall Street Journal.
I will check out my County website and see if I can qualify for anything.

Thanks for bringing up the topic. I will be 68 in September so my age
may be a good thing.


In NJ, veterans get a property tax deduction. Take your DD-214 to your Town Office to qualify.

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In the state of Indiana they do but the downside is that it is based

on income and very low at that.

In Alaska the first 150,000 of assessed value is forgiven if you are over 65. Anchorage forgives an additional amount (I think 20000)

several states have a “Homestead Exemption”

And here are a few added links:…



I put info about this on our HOA website.

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