Carefree Cloud Port rebalanced for 2022

We rebalance the Carefree Cloud Port once a year at the end of the year.
We keep it simple. We sell everything and start the new year fresh by using
the cash received to buy all new positions. This sounds like a lot of work,
but it only took me 1/2 hour. My broker’s feature of fractional shares makes it easy.

We construct the Carefree Cloud Port with 50 equal weighted positions. Each position
has a weight of 2%. We choose the 50 stocks from the EMCLOUD Index by scoring
each stock by revenue growth and free cash flow margin. We select the 50 with the
highest combined score.

So, on Friday 12/31/2021, we sold 46 positions. We added this cash to the cash
we received from the sale of 4 firms that were acquired during the year. We used
this total cash to buy 50 new positions from the EMCLOUD Index. Those 50 stocks
will make up the Carefree Cloud Port going forward from 1/1/2022. The 50 stocks and
purchase prices are listed below.

This is a real-money port. However, a 100% permanent loss here wouldn’t affect
my retirement or other financial goals one bit. In other words, heads I win, tails
I get a flesh wound, but it doesn’t kill me. That’s the real reason this portfolio
is carefree, not just because there’s no work or study or skill required.

Happy New Year!

                                       Cost Basis
Symbol    Name                          Per Share
------    -----------------------      ----------
ADBE      Adobe Systems                    566.49
AI        C3 Ai                             32.10
API       Agora                             16.95
APPF      Appfolio                         120.62
ASAN      Asana                             76.84
AVLR      Avalara                          132.79
BIGC      Bigcommerce Hldgs                 35.51
BILL      Bill Com                         254.85
BL        Blackline                        103.84
BOX       Box                               26.55
COUP      Coupa Software                   160.47
CRM       Salesforce                       255.01
CRWD      Crowdstrike                      206.80
DBX       Dropbox                           24.62
DDOG      Datadog                          180.85
DOCU      Docusign                         154.39
ESTC      Elastic N V                      124.20
EVBG      Everbridge                        67.52
FROG      JFrog Ltd                         30.91
HUBS      Hubspot                          668.49
MIME      Mimecast Limited                  79.35
MNTV      Momentive Global                  21.54
NCNO      Ncino                             56.03
NET       Cloudflare Com                   133.44
NOW       Servicenow                       657.60
OKTA      Okta                             226.75
PATH      Uipath                            43.95
PAYC      Paycom Software                  416.15
PCTY      Paylocity                        238.20
PD        Pagerduty                         35.66
PLAN      Anaplan                           46.37
PYPL      Paypal                           189.96
QLYS      Qualys                           140.77
RNG       Ringcentral                      191.00
SHOP      Shopify                        1,395.31
SMAR      Smartsheet                        77.79
SNOW      Snowflake                        344.36
SPT       Sprout Social                     92.78
SQ        Block                            162.36
TEAM      Atlassian                        386.40
TENB      Tenable Hldgs                     56.06
TWLO      Twilio                           266.84
VEEV      Veeva Systems                    258.46
WDAY      Workday                          276.43
WIX       Wix.Com                          158.39
WK        Workiva                          131.30
XM        Qualtrics Intl                    35.92
ZEN       Zendesk                          104.85
ZM        Zoom                             187.00
ZS        Zscaler                          324.20