Carefree Cloud Portfolio 2022-02-28

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                                YTD        12/31/2019
                              -------      ----------
Carefree Cloud Portfolio      - 19.8%        +  84.3%
EMCLOUD Index                 - 19.0%        +  65.3%
WCLD ETF                      - 19.1%        +  64.1%
SPY - S&P 500 ETF             -  8.1%        +  35.7%
QQQ - NASDAQ 100 ETF          - 12.8%        +  63.1%


  1. The sample sizes here are WAY too small to draw any meaningful conclusions. For
    more on small sample size, do a search on “The Law of Small Numbers”.

  2. This is a real-money port. However, a 100% permanent loss here wouldn’t affect
    my retirement or other financial goals one bit. In other words, heads I win, tails
    I scrape my elbow, but it doesn’t kill me. That’s the real reason this portfolio
    is carefree, not just because there’s no work or study or skill required.


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hey ears,

been looking at other “cloud” ETFs, honestly to potentially short for a bit, but long-term I would like also.

Curious if you looked at: SKYY, FCLD, IVES, or CLOU, compared to WCLD?



I've only looked at CLOU but ultimately have settled on WCLD as a benchmark means of comparison. It seems to have done better over the last few years.  The other's I'm not familiar with.  There's also the Bessemer Cloud Index but I'm not sure of the portfolio contained within.


Hey Dreamer,

I’ve tracked SKYY and CLOU but stopped posting their results in the monthly update. Neither of
them are pure play Cloud like WCLD. For example, SKYY has Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM
along with the usual suspects. CLOU throws in Netflix. Both have the REIT DLR.

FCLD is fairly new but again not pure play. Has Seagate, SAP and HP.

IVES is global with some companies I never heard of. Have to look into it some more. New to me.

QQQ CAGR since 12/31/2019 ~27%
WCLD CAGR since 12/31/2019 ~23%
SKYY CAGR since 12/31/2019 ~20%
CLOU CAGR since 12/31/2019 ~16%
SPY CAGR since 12/31/2019 ~16%


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