CarPlay out at GM

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I don’t use Fords CarPlay a $50 or less USB dongle handles it, links to my iPhone just fine but I’ve replaced the poor old head unit with an Alpine after market a while back, the old unit dies, just quit, not worth repairing… If I’d looked further it could have been built into the new unit, but there was a quick fix handy…

I imagine 3rd party builders will do work arounds for those in need…

That’s too bad. I recently bought a couple of cars, and Apple CarPlay support was a must-have option for me. I won’t buy a new car without it, and I won’t rent a car on a business trip unless the car supports CarPlay, if I can help it. (Sometimes I arrive at an airport and find there are no economy or midsize cars with CarPlay in the Hertz lot.)

It’s like some stores (e.g. CVS for a while) not supporting Apple Wallet.



Totally stunned that Tesla and GM are dropping CarPlay. I had never used it until about 2 years ago when a rent car had it. Since then I would only get cars that had it. Its a great app and seamlessly connects to any car that has it allowing me to listen to my favorite music and view the map for directions on the TV main screen instead of trying to look at my phone. I think its safer too.

I wonder what the problem is - money I bet…doc


Ding, ding, ding, give that doc a prize.

MacRumors says both Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto are out and GM is building propietary software with Google

General Motors (GM) will phase out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its vehicles starting this year

The move is expected to help the automaker gather more data about how consumers drive and accelerate a strategy to incentivize vehicle-related digital subscription services.

As far as I am aware, the two Tesla mass market vehicles never supported CarPlay.

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