What are opinions on Caseys General Stores (CASY).

They just reported a significant beat beat yesterday and they are a recent DG rec.

TTM PE as of the time of this post is 19.61 with annual EPS growth of 41.39% giving a 1 YPEG of 0.47. Here are their earnings for the last 8 quarters. I am from Iowa (their headquarters) and they are building new stores everywhere and updating their old stores. All their stores seem to be heavily used and preferred over the competition. I’m liking what I see and am interested if anyone has looked into this company.

6/15 1.05
3/15 1.01
12/14 1.28
9/14 1.34
6/14. 0.54
3/14 0.33
12/13 1.01
9/13 1.43

Any and all thoughts are appreciated.


They are benefiting from lower gas prices. Value Line sees it as pretty fully valued, but may be good if gas prices stay low.


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I like it, but only from a gut feeling at the moment - feels like a young cracker barrel.

I liked it enough to do additional research on top of the SA recommendation, and then liked it even more. I bought a small-ish position at $82.50 which is obviously up nicely, but I also think it has room to run even if the price of gas goes up. People have to put gas in their cars, and in the under-served towns where CASY generally deploys its stores, those stores become the go-to place for more than just gas – it’s a restaurant, a convenience store, a pick-up-dinner-on-the-way-home venue, etc. We don’t have them here on the East Coast (Sheetz is sort of similar, I think, but I’ve never been in a Casey’s to know for sure), but I understand their pizza quality rivals all the big-name delivery places and is cheaper.

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