Cat9 Trade Setups For This Coming Week

Any stock with an SCTR over 90 means it is performing better than 90% in its given sector. Sometimes, a leading stock in a sector can have an SCTR lower than 90%. Those are “safer” plays too.

  1. $TSLQ daily chart: If Tesla sinks with the remainder of our markets, this is one to play. Inverse ETF of $TSLA.

Note: I am making an exception for $TSLQ as it has no SCTR but it does have inverse Alpha for $TSLA and I’m looking to find more ETFs to trade for next week, long or inverse, doesn’t matter.

On $TSLQ (I just closed a position last week for a win on Monday) I am looking for a breakout from that long down trendline. Normal avg. volume (90 day avg.) is 2.57 million shares, and $TSLQ traded less than half-that last Friday.

When volume spikes, this baby can move quickly.

  1. $ACGL daily and weekly charts. (Insurance/Reinsurance Biz)
    SCTR: 92.4

  1. $EWW daily and weekly charts. (Mexico ETF) Certain emerging markets are doing well in early 2023. Labor moving from China to Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, etc,. for parts, cars, clothing, you name it. Last two weeks with cartel kidnappings + the banking system duress haven’t helped this ETF. Let’s see if we get a break out this week:

SCTR: 97.4

4.$FAS (FAS provides 3x leveraged exposure to a market cap-weighted index of US large-cap financial companies) daily chart. When the banks bounce back, this is the one I will play. NO SCTR as this is an ETF built on bank stock holdings.

    1. $STLA daily and weekly charts (Was above 90 last Thursday on the SCTR. Stellantis NV engages in the design, manufacture, distribution, and sale of vehicles. It offers its products under the Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Citro�n, Dodge, DS, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep, Lancia, Opel, Peugeot, Ram, and Vauxhall brands. The company was founded on April 01, 2014 and is headquartered in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.

Friday’s daily chart candlestick is a “hammer” suggesting $STLA is hammering out a bottom here:
SCTR: 88.6

6, $RCL daily & weekly charts (Eventhough its SCTR is below 90, this stock is the best performing in its sector as they did not have to file for a secondary back during COVID as did competitor $CCL (nasty chart there). $RCL is stil above its 250 EMA and looks ready to breakout on the daily chart:
SCTR: 76.9

I’ll add more as I run across them.


Thanks for this, when does the fed announce the next interest rate hike? That is the next market mover IMHO. That FAS has an inverse that goes up when financials goes down too. Also TUR and GREK were on long upward runs (I don’t know why) before they made corrections recently…doc

March 21-22

IMO… which is contrary to most opinions… I continue to think the Fed is going to continue with a half point increase. That should be quite convincing the Fed is serious. But, I’m frequently wrong… we’ll see!

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.


I believe too that Fed will raise, unless something worse than the past two weeks happens this week.

Unfortunately, Twitter is filled with Venture Capitalists who had the insider knowledge two weeks ago to take out all their money from $SIVB. Now these clowns want others who didn’t get their money out in time to be made whole - that is - they want the FIDC to make everyone whole now. Just wave the VC magic wand. Mark to fantasy.

Meanwhile, no word yet on who went short two Wednesdays ago when Thiel and the Silicon Valley VCs spread the word through Twitter, emails, texts. I hope the SEC is looking at the trading accounts of Thiel, Calacanis, Sacks, Friedberg, Chamath ad nauseum. Basically any suckup to the All In Podcast VCs.

Making matters worse on Twitter, we have dummkopfs like this passing posting their insane rants urging Trump to destroy our banking system on Twitter. I’ll show you two of his posts before I block him:

Also, Forbes nominates the VCs fave podcast for “Best Podcast of the Year.” Forbes should just do a “Sociopath of the Year” issue. They are good at spotting frauds when the bloom is in new thorny stem, and not so good at spotting frauds now.

There is never a lack of fools and those with evil intent.

I won’t claim to have never been a fool (in other areas than what you posted about). And now I wonder if it would be smart or stupid/foolish to be selling some of my stocks now that they’re down… but perhaps (as always, it’s perhaps) having a good deal further to fall. Leaning towards increasing cash, perhaps to 30% since I’m not in a good position to be able to afford to lose.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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It’s a mess. I have no idea how this ends. The hyperbole by the GaGats on Twitter assures me there are not 80 million GAGAts who will get up from Mom’s basement couch early Monday to take their money from their checking account at Waco Bank & Trust.

But there will be protests this week, I’ll bet on that. And it will have nothing to do with $SIVB, but, the echo chamber on Twitter and Fox who are promoting TFG’s posts from Truth Social Media.

Some of the above after today’s action:

$ACGL stuck it’s head out the attic roof skylight, saw the rain, and brought its head back inside:

$FAS (the 3x leveraged Financial ETF) had a breakout to the upside on 2.5x avg. daily volume:

$EWW (Mexico ETF) daily chart shows another faded breakout today, just like $ACGL.

$RCL continues to consolidate beneath the down trendline and the possibility of a breakout still holds as we also see the horizontal support held today:

$STLA had a weak breakout on 1.25% of normal avg. volume. I want a stronger look tomorrow as this breakout closed right on top of the down trendline:

$TSLQ still consolidating. Down day today:

Just realized I haven’t heard a peep about 80 Million Americans starting to stand in lines to remove their checking accounts and saving accounts from regional banks.

How about you? Anything on the Cocoanut Telegraph that I missed showing massive bank runs in the USA?

Jeepers, Messrs. Calcanis, Sacks, Chamath, Thiel, ad nauseum, where are the bank runs you pumped all last week on your stupid FUD podcasts?

Adding Amazon to the watchlist.

See this post for some news for Amazon: