$TSLA: Hits a New 24-Month Low, Breaking Important Horizontal Support

$TSLA daily, weekly, and monthly charts. Be sure to notice the volume bar for $TSLA today as we may very well set the yearly high in volume sales.

If any of you find out what may have pushed this selling today, please, go crazy, post a bunch of links.

I’ve got to get outside and feel some sunshine and say hello to the wildlife.

Will look back later tonight:

It’s like limbo “How LOW can you go?”

The bottom? 120? Dunno… it’s already pretty cheap on fundamentals but I don’t think that’s what is driving the current trend.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

What do you say, PT??

Based on the chart, do you have any sort of opinion (AND I WON’T assess any blame if you turn out to be way wrong…lol) as to how low TSLA is likely to go? Seems that breaking support levels would suggest quite a bit yet to drop… in my inexperienced chart thinking.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

Earnings not due until Jan 24. Will earning be up? Very likely due to increased production and sales.

Up enough? Impact of recession? Some recovery from here seems likely. But risky for short term traders.

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I really wanted to go long on $TSLA (don’t tell the thin skinned) but the charts - not the news - are not there. Nor is $TSLQ giving me the feelgood re-entry look.

Just staying away until we clear up things like demand, Cybrtruck, 4680 batteries, etc. I read some good news about Giga Nevada (forgot about that one, right?) and I was hoping for some kind of downtrend reversal. Like a real hard one as the “sell” volume the last two days means when the rebound comes, we could open up.

Anyway, that time to buy is still not here, at least not for me.

I’ll explain my EV views later today with a long post about what went on here last night. I could die tomorrow. But I would die a happy man with a big smile on my face.

I am having new thoughts percolate about EVs and I want to run them by you guys who once worked in this car biz. Fascinating stuff to observe in real time.

Gone again.

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People do worry about much new competition and recession. High end buyers are not likely to be much affected. Do low end buyers buy Teslas? Is there a Model T ev on the market?


A month ago, Scott Galloway said this to Christine Amapour:

By the way, $TSLA hit a new 25-Month Low Yesterday:

Paul, there’s an excellent marketing book of old, Trout and Ries, “Positioning.”

In the first book by that name they contended - proven by the marketing team at Cadillac - that when you own a position in a consumer’s mind like “luxury automobile,” you don’t then kill that position by going down market with “line extension” of the name by making different price points for the same brand.

Cadillac was once $GM’s luxury model. When Cadillac started selling cheaper, affordable cars like the CTX, their high end sales were picked to pieces by other OEMs who saw the huge opportunity $GM had just dropped into their laps. Soon Toyota and Nissan entered the market with better built luxury cars. The Japanese, who listened to and learned from the American, W. Edwards Deming, in post WW-II, gave their learning curve on luxury cars a whole new branch of their company, a whole new badge: Lexus or Infiniti. None of this line extension stuff of Toyota Supreme or Nissan Superior. The luxury cars got a whole new company name. Smart!

Today, December 2022, when you pull up to the stoplight in a luxury Tesla, people see your car and no longer assign a “cool” factor to it, especially if a better made competitor’s car is next to your Tesla. Example: I saw a Taycan and a Model S at a stoplight up in Weston, FL. I slowly went car to car to observe people in other cars in the lanes of traffic. Almost every eye was looking at that Taycan’s design, not the Tesla. The paint job on that Taycan was from the future, the color of which was like the Milky Way seen at night out here in the jungle. That Taycan looked like a Faberge egg on display at Christie’s next to a 3 minute egg, now pickled, sitting on the dive bar’s counter.

The world is waking up to Musk and all the other Silicon Valley greed hounds who pushed, “Break it, Burn it, Don’t Look Back” over measured growth and attention to detail - especially in customer relations - where they drop the ball most.

Notice how all these guys set their companies for their respective self-dealings. The plundering of owners shares have sent prices lower for $CVNA $TSLA $PTON $LYFT $UBER and on and on. It’s always people like Thiel, Fastow, Welch, Lay, Holmes, Musk, Masters of the Universe form Galt’s Gulch, who love worst practices in management of human capital and labor. The end justifies the means with this jackals.

These self-important grifters always set themselves up to win ill-gotten gains from us, the dupes, the gullible, the hoi polloi whom they laugh at in their moments of self-congratulations. And when we catch them in their lies, what happens? See SBF, Musk and Trump today: lie, prevaricate, hype, pump, distract, digress, and always, appeal to your most loyal supporters to help fight the un-loyal. It’s never their fault when something goes wrong. Find someone to assign the blame for big mistakes to. Then have them sign and NDA and fire the. Never take time to accept blame for malfeasance. Remember, always deny, always play the victims.

:pushpin: Musk has turned his back on Liberals, urging us to vote Republican in his now infamous November Surprise at Twitter. How many Liberals are now ashamed to be seen driving a Tesla? I’ve seen this same questioned asked on Motley Fool’s other boards. I am asking this question because I am seeing it asked or put out there as a statement, "Tesla “T” = GQP, QAnon, or Trump. It no longer means cutting edge tech. Who cares. The guy who is Tesla is now on the side of losing causes.

:pushpin: The funny thing to observe on Twitter today are the GQP types who still loathe Musk and still support Trump. Trump has repeatedly made fun of Musk. Then Trump and his boy Donny Jr. suck up to him. And Musk lies down on Twitter and asks Trump to scratch his belly. Then the Trumps laugh at their mirror image and push him away again.

:pushpin: For the entire month of December I’ve seen numerous declarations from pundits, journalists, analysts, politicians, Scientists, healthcare specialists, comedians, musicians, djs, etc, and these are always notices of “where you can find me.” One of the social medias announced yesterday (new to me) was post.news. Here’s Dan Rather:

My Twitter thread is filled with people who make money off Shout TV and Shout Radio memes, no matter how many of these blackhearts I block. They are all in on this grift. I’ve got thousands blocked.

If you lurk, open your eyes, and read social media, even Motley Fool, I observe un-repairable brand destruction of Tesla and Twitter, and I’ll add the Republican Party of old.

The Liberals on Twitter are already planning Plans B, C, and D for what’s coming in 2024. Meanwhile, the GQPers and Teslan Cult are trying to outdo one another in who can say the most ridiculous one-liner to troll and own “libruls,” and be noticed by Lord Elon. These fawning angry GQP crowing on Twitter continue to think nothing has changed since 2015 and Orange Julius came down that escalator to hire actors holding “home-made” signs they produced with poster board and colored markers right there at Trump Hotel. These lost souls who supported a bankrupt tv personality as their fearless leader are now owned by that which they touched, embraced, and French Kissed as long as they maintained support of the angry red hats.

Liberals still on Twitter are giving better much better fight than the Libertarians, the GQPers, and Musk. And they are now outweighing the Tesla Cult in many of Musk’s own threads. Which is something altogether not seen in my years of reading Twitter.

How does one stop this out of control Howard Roark? He’s destroying democracy, retirement accounts, and the lives of people he has discriminated against. His Hypocrisy is as large as Trump’s, Putin’s, SBF’s, Madoff’s, etc. I don’t know who has the brass to try and attempt to remove Musk from Tesla, but this company will not exist with another year of Musk at its helm. If there is a hero in this mess who will confront Musk, you are already too late. This should have happened the moment Musk said he would buy Twitter.

For two months, I’ve seen the first shamed sellers of their Tesla cars. These are long time supporters of Musk now leaving the Teslan Life. Some of those folks who just sold their Teslas are calling the “T” badge on a Tesla the sign for “Traitor.”

You can sense the shrinking " Twitter Town Square" which used to be filled with hundreds of thousands of $TSLA followers, even millions of $TSLA followers, and now the commentary is supplied by the last line of Tesla Defenders. And loads of once-fervent supporters are now stabbing Musk in the back. Check out Teslarati, electrek and insideevs, which are shifting gears from pumping all Tesla all the time to gushing reviews of other car manufacturers. With each passing hour, a new Musk outrage, a new Musk backpedal, a new Musk faux pas, sends a new wave of Teslans to the exits and has writers and editors who were once helping to write the hagiography of Musk are now seeing he is a Super Sized Socoipath who can’t even fit through the McDonald’s “To Go” window.

Last observation: no Conservatives egging on Musk to allow all these creeps, racists, prevaricators, grifters, etc., to come back to Twitter has bought a Tesla, photographed it, and shown it off on Musk’s fast shrinking mass media. I’ve yet to see one of these Kyle Rittenhouses, Donald Trump Jr.'s, or Ben Shapiros post photos of their Tesla on Twitter and lovingly describe the car. If Nassis (replacing one z) won’t drive their a car from their new ally, then why is the ally playing nice to them? Is this the real Elon Muse coming out for the world to despise and ridicule? Machts nichts, Musk has jumped the QAnon Bridge and he ain’t coming back to polite society after all this.

I see the newly arrived Right is on Twitter to produce mayhem, to own Liberals, to aim their spitballs from the back of the class at the eggheads up front trying to learn how to save the planet. Many of these prevaricating losers who were banned forever have come back to disrupt, not add to the discussion. None of these crazed nutjobs mention better social medias to use such as Liberals are comparing and talking about on Twitter. Nope, these guys have come back to Twitter with vengeance, to fill it with slime and to build the largest pigpen of QAnon opinion. Fox News has got to be alarmed that Musk is stealing their audience.

All this is taking place - loudly - on Twitter and I have not seen one GQP type announce they are buying a Tesla. Not once. Liberals were the first adopters of Tesla, and it was they who formed things like clubs in specific areas. It was they who filled Motley Fool free and premium boards with with Late Capitalism valuations which were never attached to reality. And now all these fanbois, most all of them Liberal, are stuck with the stench of Musk trying to switch horses mid-stream to a party which thinks climate change is a hoax? How does that work? And how quickly will tattoo removal services take to social media and offer a 2 for 1 removal of your Tesla and Twitter tattoos? And what’s all the crazier is to see this bifurcation going on: it’ not the RINO Republicans acting liker MTG or Bobo on Adderrall, but the GQP/Libertarian/TeaParty types who offer no solutions, only fe_ces throwing.

Musk is destroying two companies in real time. The whole world sees it now. He can’t catch a break because he was the biggest horses arse for so long this year. He’s not liked or adored as he once was. He’s like a faded rose. The Donald Trump of Silicon Valley.

So who is going to buy a Tesla now and proudly post photos on Twitter?


I will. I cannot say how low of an opinion I have of every CEO of every major corporation. It is not allowed.

Still, the technology in Tesla is not comparable to any other car built today. Further, it does appear that there is any other car company that will approach Tesla technology before 2030.

I will say the Tesla power wall system is an outdated over priced system. So, the entire company does not provide top technology.



Plus every car sold by Tesla is market share stolen from a traditional auto manufacturer. Tesla is growing; competitors are fighting to retain market share in a declining, obsolete industry.

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Now this is the kind of $TSLA investor I’ll sit next to - on purpose - any time. I am still laughing. I had no idea where this was going. This guy is a real Tesla investor and he’s making fun of the nuvo-$TSLA investors on Twitter - especially those of the far left and right wing. I busted out laughing becuase it’s the first time I’ve heard of this guy and the guy sharing this on Twitter cued it perfectly for the $TSLA testifying. And yes, he got out of bed to make this video after Musk started a poll on Twitter - which this guy is urging followers to vote “NO” on. (Learn more at twitter link.)

This guy could do this as a stand up routine and kill. Both $TSLA and $TSLAQ investors would buy tickets.

He’s the kind of guy you can have an argument with and shake hands with afterward. And laugh with, again, next time you see him in public.

One of his lines here ,"When I see twitter, I see all these soy latte cuckholds who only own one stock . . . " and I’m shaking my head, "Yes, yes, yes, they are everywhere on Twitter, “one-stock Sally’s!” this guy keeps trippin’ and makes me laugh.

This guy, I’ll allow into the bar and then grab a stool next to because the fireworks will be fun and the laughs loud.

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Oh Lawd, the OP tweet in a longer thread:

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