Cathie Woods talks bitcoin

Yes, around this board, mostly. But in the outside world there are still a stunning number of followers of voodoo economics. I expect it will go on forever, just as 7th Day Adventists are descended from the Millerites.

david fb

Yea that was stupid, but I have seen other prognosticators around the MF that have been just as stupid.

That is a good point but didn’t Japan think the same thing? They finally were able to get a little inflation into their economy. But since the 1990’s they were in a deflationary trend.


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Japan was in a different multi-decade phase of the K Cycle. The current doings have nothing to do with that.

Well, every single American was called vermin the other day. I mean all of us.

I saw that interview. Cramer was very contrite.

I tuned in bubblevision the next day. Same old Cramer huckster show. Stewart’s interview rolled right off his back.


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If one feels strongly about Cramer’s stock picks, there is an ETF that came out in March of this year, SJIM, Inverse Cramer. So far it is down 11%.


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