Cats & Dogs...

It’s RAINING and really coming down in the PNW today. We’re getting HEAVY rain, with the temps back into the 40’s (pushing 50) today… this will be happening for the next 24hrs, or so. Many rivers are already pushing “flood stage”.

The Cascades are getting a great dump of snow. I heard last night they were calling for 2-3’+ (yes FEET!) of snow in the passes today… not good if your traveling across the state.


I see muddy dogs in your future…

AC prognosticating


Yea, but not yet. I’ve been at my desk most of the day… and when I’m in, they are too. For now, the boyz are knawing on old bonez. Keeps them occupied… then they argue and swap bonez. Knuckleheads!


Again, another deluge! Many shades of green, across most of the western side of WA. (green being rain, on Was raining when I got up this morning and has not let up… much, if at all. Good day to spend inside…

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