Caveat Emptor, Russian style

If you are a foreign entity still doing in business in Russia, you really only have yourself to blame for this.

Who hopes they were at most just leasing the farmland and not a direct owner. Still likely losing any associated equipment and structures (the “other assets”).


Not that AgroTerra Group is a foreign entity.

Russia’s AgroTerra Group of companies has become a leader in production efficiency by using innovative technologies and bringing neighboring small and medium-sized agricultural producers together into a single partnership chain…We are among the top 20 Russian companies by area of cultivated land according to BEFL.

LLC AgroTerra central office:

office 7, floor 6, 29, 1st Brestskaya Str., int.t.
municipal district Tverskoy, Moscow, 125047,
Russian Federation




From the link:

Dutch-registered firms AgroTerra Investments B.V

Having a Russian address doesn’t make them a Russian company any more than McDonald’s in Russia (actually owned/operated by McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada, Limited) makes it a Russian company.


This is just priming the pump in the press for seizing Russian assets. An excuse. It is a good thing to take Russian assets.