Celebration over. Time to talk stocks!

Okay, it’s the next morning. Celebration over! It’s time to evaluate companies again.

No more about what the Berkshire Hathaway board is talking about. No more about what Cisco did 20 years ago. No more about market timing. Those posts will get deleted. No more about how investing is dangerous (anyone who hasn’t realized that hasn’t been here for the last four months).

Here are some ideas of what we are looking for: SentinelOne acquired Ativo and says it brings Identity to XDR Extends Singularity XDR capabilities to identity-based threats across endpoint, cloud workloads, IoT devices, mobile, and data wherever it resides… Identity will join endpoint, cloud, IoT, and data as part of our platform !!!

Does anyone want to talk about what that means, and what it means for Sentinel?

Cloudflare just introduced API Gateway: Increases security for billions of devices and systems with robust machine learning engine. Now organizations can secure, manage, and monitor all of their APIs in one easy-to-use dashboard, a simple, fast, and effective way to protect and control all of their APIs (application programming interfaces).

Does anyone want to talk about what that means in plain English, and what it means for Cloudflare.

That’s the kind of discussion this board is meant for! Let’s get back to work.



I’d also recommend WSM’s post on Sentinel which is just before this post. He especially discusses their very strong ARR growth.


“Does anyone want to talk about what that means, and what it means for Sentinel?”

Sentinel and CRWD monitor and protect the endpoint. For example, if an endpoint tries to execute a powershell script that was never ran before, it will stop it. One thing it cannot do is to monitor what is happening with the user account logged in to that endpoint. For example, if a user account is trying to change passwords constantly or if the user is trying to access systems outside of that endpoint that normally the user doesn’t use, SentinelOne cannot see it, mainly because the account is managed on another system (Active Directory). It seems Attivo can do that. Definitely another step on the road to provide a comprehensive Zero-Trust Security Platform(Network, applications, endpoint, user identity).

For the Cloudflare API Gateway, I need to research more. While I do see an advantage to having something like that (APIs are the main way to integrate different systems nowadays), it’s always a “App A to App B” connection. Managing that in a 3rd party software sounds intriguing.



For the API Gateway…

Microsoft does something very similar:

Amazon as well:

And yes, they do machine learning as well… it keeps track of where users connect to your APIs from and will question their access (pinging their cell phone to confirm they are indeed logging in).

In some senses, these companies are selling services that are very similar from the other cloud platforms.

okta for example:

If you go digging through there, you’d figure out they are basically ‘reselling’ amazon’s API gateway.