Celg Stock Is Poised to ‘Scream Back Up&#8

So says Bernstein analyst Geoff Porges in an e-mail to Barrons.com.
“We knew this quarter would be weak and the stock will stay soft through the May 7 patent decision coming in Europe. It will scream back up in the second quarter.”
Immediate uncertainty: “All eyes are focused on a May 7 hearing to determine if the Revlimid polymorph patent in Europe will be revoked, opening the door to generic competition there in 2022.”
Details here, you may need to google the title: http://online.barrons.com/articles/celgene-stock-is-poised-t…

Here is my calculation of current 1YPEG. As of the market closing today, stock price is $108.04, TTM EPS from latest reported Q is $3.95, TTM earning growth is 26.2%, therefore, 1YPEG is 1.04. It is more attractively priced than last time when Saul checked the 1YPEG.



Buy more CELG, yes please!

/me holds a small number of shares