$CELH - Smoked Earnings Expectations Again

Note: only two tweets in my thread right now. Were I you, I’d read the pdF. I will add more to my Twitter thread, especially an older thread link where I compared $CELH to $MNST in the same time of their growth. Celsius is way ahead of Monster’s growth pattern in the 90s, that’s all I’ll say at this moment.

Come back to my thread later after I add to it.

p.s. They are just getting started in overseas expansion. They had to nail down North America plus their was a major can shortage and they had to go to Europe and Asia to buy packaging . . . which compressed margins last quarter.


1) $CELH Earnings just reported

This is one of my 5 Top Conviction stocks and my largest holding (I have owned this since last August with averaged down shares of $20).
Profit: +.05 CENTS per share
+400% eBEAT
+21.7% rBEAT
Earnings Growth: 150.00% yoy
Revenue Growth: 116.60% yoy

Read the pdf here: