Central bankers meeting starts today


This week, the heads of the world’s major central banks will join their emerging market counterparts, alongside academics and banking chief executives, at the 39th Economic Policy Symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The discussions around the global economy and financial markets that are held at this annual meeting, hosted by the Kansas City Federal Reserve, can influence policymakers’ decisions – and therefore our lives.

This year, the symposium is titled ‘Fostering a Dynamic Global Economy’. We don’t yet know what the detailed topics for discussion will be; these are traditionally kept under wraps until the opening day. But here are four themes discussed at past symposiums that are relevant to today’s global economic environment, and which could well feature in some of the conversations among this year’s attendees…

Four topics mentioned in the article are:

  1. Central Bank balance sheets and financial stability (2016)

  2. The causes of inflation (1984)

  3. High-technology industries and market structure (2001)

  4. The distribution of income in industrialized countries (1998)