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I’ve been watching Chinese banks for some time and the protests just keep getting bigger and noisier. People’s savings are now described as ‘investments’ and cannot be withdrawn. Now the CCP has tanks on the streets to protect the banks:

China: PLA Tanks Deployed On Streets To Prevent People From Withdrawing Money In Henan
Armoured tanks were seen deployed on China’s street amid widespread protests by individuals calling for the release of their money that had been frozen by banks…

There look like deep, underlying problems somewhere


China rolls out tanks on street to stop its CITIZENS from using banks!

walter kooy:
“Fake news. the video is not from Henan but from Rizhao Shandong. its a yearly military exercise and the tanks go from the train station to a naval base. Remove your stupid video.”

“the tanks video and the protests are not related. They are in two different provinces. (zengzhou- Rizhao is about 600 km.) So connecting these two event is making fake news.”


There look like deep, underlying problems somewhere

A Communist military regime pretending to be running a centralized capitalist banking system?

what could go wrong?


Newsweek thinks it is news!…

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Well, the tank pictures may not be accurate, but the protests took place and plainclothes security bussed protesters away and made them sign papers that they would not protest.…

The People’s Bank of China guarantees accounts up to $15k. If your account held more than that it appears that the money is gone.