China's Exports Drop 7.5%

China’s exports fell in May for the first time since February, adding to concerns that growth in the world’s second-largest economy could be faltering.

In April, China’s exports beat expectations slightly with 8.5% year-on-year growth. However, the disappointing export figures for May indicate that the longer-term trend is down, said Hao Hong, chief economist at Grow Investment Group.

China won’t be able depend on trade to boost its economy for “another six months, for sure,” he said, noting a drag from lackluster U.S. demand, where inflation — and interest rates — remain high

One month blip? Or is China headed toward the dumpster?

We need a report on what the US manufactures here instead of in China now.

Demand in the US is robust for the most part.

Did Apple move production? Or were those reports more forward looking?

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While US imports rose last month, the proportion of goods imported from China dropped to 15.4 percent over the year ending in April, the lowest level since 2006.